Koto Chaya

Koto Chaya is a package design project based on an imaginary luxurious tea brand. It focuses on creating a unique unboxing experience for customers. The final prototype was sent as an entry for Model Young Package Contest in Czech Republic.

A kimono for tea

Client: Personal Project
Year: 2019
Service: Packaging Design

Design Concept
This projects explores the possibility of laser cutting in packaging design. Eventually I came up with a concept to utilise that precise technology to visualise the beautiful landscape from inside of a teahouse. The final product is a collection of fine tea leaves with an elegantly crafted box. It would be a precious gift for others.
Tea Package
The product itself consisted of a laser-cut box with 4  types of packed quality Japanese tea leaves inside. Patterns are specially designed on each of the package to illustrate the characteristics of the tea.
A Unique Unpacking Experience
As the customer consumes the product, the package would gradually reveal its teahouse window view and complete the puzzle. The whole tea drinking experience is no longer confined to taste, but also with sight and joy of interaction.